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Help us Support Giraffe Conservation

Giraffe are in trouble.  Did you know that the population of wild giraffe in Africa is now estimated to be less than 100,000, a decline of almost 40% in the past 30 years?  The plight of the giraffe is often overlooked as many conservation groups are focused on protecting other endangered species such as elephants and rhinos.  Some fear this will result in the “silent extinction” of the giraffe.  (GCF 2017)

Help support giraffe conservation.  There are only a few organizations involved with giraffe conservation.  The Angry Giraffe Shirt Co has chosen to help by adopting a giraffe through the Giraffe Conservation Foundation ( and informing others about the dangerous decline in population numbers.  You, too, can adopt a giraffe or donate to the Foundation to help.

Meet Dobby, our Adopted Giraffe.  Dobby (pictured below) is a young male desert-dwelling giraffe who roams far and wide across the vast desert plains of northwest Namibia in search of his two favourite things. His especially big ears pick up any warning sounds of approaching predators, and his long neck gives him an excellent vantage point.  What are his two favourite things? Food, especially Anatrees, and female giraffe of course!